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All Quiet in XUK-land!

It's been a while, eh? Actually, the song Hum has been sitting there mixed but not mastered for about 16 months! The delay isn't due to pure laziness, I've just had too many other commitments to be able to spend a chunk of time on working on new material. I'm always too optimistic about how quickly I'd be able to record more songs so you should never take what I say too seriously. Part of the hold up has been the recording situation. The album "U" was a seriously complex project for my home recording set-up. So I knew I'd need to upgrade things before I could really get stuck into it -- which meant investment in gear. I got myself a new 12-string guitar in July (which I am looking forward to recording) and so that set back the purchase of a new computer and some sample libraries, a better keyboard etc.

I did consider releasing Hum as a single but I'm holding off until the end of the year to see if I can get some recording momentum going over the holiday period.

The plan is to do the home studio upgrades in December and spend a good couple of weeks over Christmas and the New Year getting a few more tracks laid down. Fingers crossed!

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