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Almost there!

Last night I was playing with a weird instrumental track that I'd put to one side because I previously thought I couldn't make a song out of it. I came up with a lyric and recorded a "guide vocal". I'll be finishing it off tonight with some (hopefully) more polished vocal performances. It seems to be a good, off-beat track to open up the album. It's called "Lost". I've also renamed the track that once-upon-a-time was called "On The Inside", which became "Self-Help Book" and is now "Tomorrow / Today". The song "Perfect Like You" will be left off the album since I haven't figured out a new lyric /melody that I'm happy with.

The mixing is almost done so it will all go off for mastering towards the end of this week. The CD artwork is complete and hopefully both the CD and the downloads will be available for purchase in early December.

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