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Yes he knew

The thoughts they were thinking

Too busy drinking to give a shit

Strangers disappeared

Under cover of darkness

Joey never noticed

His place in it

Please join us at the show tonight

That's your name on the list tonight

They call it rhetoric

And don't wait for answers

Moving the goalposts

Then taking the Hill

We live transfixed

Insulated amusement

They made an app for that

And made you a pill

Pull your pants up

And get on the train, boy

Move along, I won't tell you again

Please join us at the show tonight

You're our guest on the list tonight

Now's the time

For reckless abandon

Trip the switch in the depths of your mind

Heed the warnings

Of Burroughs and Orwell

Propaganda feeds itself

On everything it finds

Please, please, please, please...

Please join us at the show tonight

You'll be on their list tonight

This is the Church of Immaculate Deception

On your knees now

And don't it feel good?

Doing the work

Of social exclusion

Worked exactly as they hoped that it would

Turn around

Shake hands with your neighbor

He looks like you

'Cos they told him he should

Say a little prayer

For the sake of the children

Stained glass windows the color of blood

Lyrics by Simon Holden © 2017

The Show

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