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Mixes and Mastering!!

"I'm felicitous since during the course of the penultimate solar sojourn, I terminated my uninterrupted categorisation of the vocabluary of our post-Norman tongue" - Doctor Samuel Johnson in Black Adder the Third (Ink and Incapability)

Over the weekend Robin quoted someone as having said, "Mixes are never finished - they are just abandoned". After 13 months of recording and mixing I feel like I could easily go round in circles tweaking this stuff for another six months until I end up back where I started!

So I'm calling this one done! Rob from The King Cheetah recommended a mastering engineer he knows, so Tuesday the tracks go off to John Greenham, British Grammy-winning mastering engineer! By the end of the week I should be able to send the whole package off for the limited CD pressing and digital distribution. In ten days or so the album should be available. I'll let you know once I have the actual release date! It's a good feeling to get this done, and with a some leftovers in my back pocket that may end up being seeds for the next project.

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