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After an eight year-long break, new XUK music was released in December 2017. The new album U is available as a download or on CD through iTunes using the link below. You can also find all XUK music on streaming services like Spotify, Pandora etc.

XUK's second album is a solo venture of singer/songwriter Simon Holden. It signals a departure from the band's original blend of 70’s classic rock and symphonic styles to a harder-edged, textural landscape populated with soaring guitars, keyboards, pounding drums and Simon’s signature “Bowie-esque” vocals. “U” explores relationship themes that hark back to the band’s debut album with the songs “Tomorrow/Today”, “Café Lyon” and “Forest of Dreams” but also explores the individual’s role in today’s polarized world with  songs like “Weird People”, “The Show” and the title track “U”. Play it LOUD - and sing along!

Lost text.png
Tomorrow_Today text.png
TheShow text.png
Cafe_Lyon text.png
Weird_People text.png
NoMoreMisterNightSky text.png
Forest_of_Dreams text.png
U_revolution2 text.png
AllTheseCircles text.png
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