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Welcome to the online home of the band XUK.

Most of the music from our first two albums

"Love Hits a cricket bat-out-of-hell" and "U"

cab be heard right here.


XUK's second album “U” explores relationship themes that hark back to the band’s debut album with the songs “Tomorrow/Today”, “Café Lyon” and “Forest of Dreams” but also explores the individual’s role in today’s polarized world with  songs like “Weird People”, “The Show” and the title track “U”.

New Album in the works?

XUK's new album "U"
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Maybe... We recorded a new song "HUM" quite a while ago but is still unreleased. XUK music is written sporadically, so you never know when there'll be enough songs to constitute an album! Check out our blog for the latest news.


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