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Thank U!

Thanks to my friends and some longtime XUK fans across the world who've encouraged me during the process so far.

"U" is almost here!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been working very hard on finalizing the arrangements and mixing of the U songs. It's getting really close. Prior to mastering I'll be running the mixes past Robin Holden who produced and engineered "Love Hits". Hopefully he won't be too brutal with his critiques!

My plan is to have everything ready for an official digital release in late November or early December. For those people who like some artwork with their music there'll also be a limited run of CDs available on CD Baby and iTunes. The debut double CD had a lyrics booklet but this time I'll be posting the lyrics on this website instead. Although the lyrics are usually pretty clear in XUK music, I think some people might like reading along while they listen - like we used to do when bands included lyric sheets with their LPs.

I have only one song left to figure out - "Perfect Like You". I posted the song on Facebook soon after I'd finished the demo but, as with a few songs I've written over the years, I've never been completely happy with it and I'm not sure it fits in with the rest of the album. I'll keep working on it for the rest of this week, but if it's not up to standard by the weekend it will probably be left off the album. If it does make it into the final product it'll likely be quite different - maybe even with a different title!

This release, just like the last one, is self-financed - so if you like XUK music I hope you'll consider purchasing a copy as it'll help defray the costs of getting it out there. I'm still pondering whether or not to have the new album on streaming services - and I'm leaning towards not doing so. Although streaming services are good for getting new listeners, new listeners don't often translate to more sales. More and more independent artists are coming to the conclusion that the payments from streaming is so low that it really isn't worth it. I may choose one of the new tracks to stream alongside the tracks from the first album in the hope that it will act as a promotion for the rest of the album on iTunes or CD Baby, but I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting "U" out and into your ears. I hope you'll help me out by taking a few moments to review the album once it appears in online stores. If anyone has contacts at music review sites and can suggest they review the album that would be great too. Again, thanks to U all!

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